Haalim By Nimra Ahmed Urdu Novel Episode 18

Haalim Episode 18

Haalim By Nimra Ahmed Complete released Episodes available here for online readers. Haalim Episode 18 going to be released in November 2018. Read all Available Online episodes and PDF download. Current Episode 18 is late due to some busy schedule of writer. Episode 18 was initially planned on 1st October but this month Writer arrange an event with the readers caused delay in Episode. Episode that we will bring for Haalim Lovers once it is released. Haalim Episode 18 is “Choor Or Jasoos” چور اور جاسوس Current Episode : Halim…

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Khuwab Sheeshay Ka Episode 29 Last Episode

Khuwab Sheeshay Ka Episode 28

Khwab Sheeshay Ka Episode 29 for Online Readers. With Latest Khuwab Sheeshay Ka Episode 29 from your favorite writer Iffat Sehar. Read Khuwaab Sheeshay ka also in Monthly Shuaa Digest August 2018. latest episode 29 read here & Also read quotes of other Novels from Riffat Sehar, Scroll Down. We bring here your favorite novel latest episode for online reading and pdf download.

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Black Rose Episode 13 By Samreen Shah

black rose novel by samreen shah

ہما نے زلنین کو دیکھا اور پھر پھوپھو کو ، ایک دم سے اس کے چہرے پہ تلخ مسکراہٹ آگئی ، لفظ ساس اسے کھبی اتنا بُرا نہیں لگا تھا جتنا پھوپھو کشف کے منہ سے سُن کر ہما کو لگ رہا تھا ۔ زلنین نے ان خنخوار نظروں سے دیکھا پھر جبر کرتے ہوے اس نے اک نظر ہما کو دیکھا جو بالکل سٹل کھڑی تھی اور کچھ سوچتے ہوے بولا ۔ “ہما یہ ہے میری پھوپھو ۔۔۔۔” “اور آپ کی ہونے والی ساس بھی ۔” ہما نے چہرہ…

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Black Rose Episode 12 By Samreen Shah

blacl rose episode 9

“وہ ایسا کیوں کرنا چاہتے تھے ۔” “آئی ڈونٹ نو ! شاہد ان کے بندوں کو اکیسپوز کیا تھا اور ان کو اکسپوز کرنے سے مراد اسے اکسپوز کرنا تھا پر عجیب بات ہے اس کو میں نے اتنا مارا مگر وہ ایک انجانی طاقت سے اُٹھ پڑا مگر اس وقت ہما کی حالت غیر تھی تو مجھے اس کی زیادہ فکر تھی ۔” اس نے نکاح کی بات چھوڑ کر ساری بات بتادی کیونکہ ہما سے وعدہ کیا تھا اور وہ اس کا کیا ہوا وعدہ کسی بھی حال…

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Nishan E Mehfil By Altaf Fatima

nishan e mehfil

Nishan e Mehfil By Altaf Fatima best famous Nishan e Mehfil By Altaf Fatima. Most Famous urdu novel read online And free download. Nishan e Mehfil romantic urdu novel written by Altaf Fatima. Now you can get all this writers urdu novels/Books list online Reading and Download for free available this site. This Ebook High Quality Upload Mediafire & Box.   How to Download This Novel Click on the below link for download novel, once clicked, you will be prompted to save file on your device. Nishan e Mehfil By Altaf…

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Haalim Episode 16 PDF Download Nemrah Ahmed

Haalim Episode 16 Online reading and available in PDF for Download. Online Reading best experience for Urdu Novel Haalim by Nemrah Ahmed. Urdu Novel Halim Epi 16 for readers uploaded. You can read Halim Episode 16 here. Haalim 16th Episode name is, (دوری نگارہ ملایو) (ملایا کا کانٹا) “Duri Negara Melayu” (The Thorn of Malaya). The name of chapter 16 is quite unique. We hope that you will enjoy the episode after reading and we will wait for your comments. As same as all previous episodes Halim Episode 16 taking you to new directions in Nemrah Ahmed’s…

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Shaherzaad Episode 18

Sheherzaad Episode 18

Sheharzaad Novel by Famous Writer Saima Akram Chauhadry Urdu Sheharzaad Novel Episode 18 Read Online here & pdf download. One of the best Urdu Novel of Saima Akram Chauhadry. Saima Akram has shared in the novel the evils and appreciate the virtues IN Sheharzaad Episode 18. شہرزاد Khawateen Digest June edition the contains the most Romantic Urdu Novel. Saima is One of most known and demanding Urdu Novels writer. Also engaged in Drama Writing. In episode 18 you are going to read new aspects and some of the most haunted parts. شہرزاد از صائمہ…

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